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Homestyle Cooking, Italian, Seafood, and Smokehouse BBQ
Step into the Shell Cafe and you will be treated to a slice of Pismo Beach history at one of the longest operating restaurants on the Central Coast. Our history is rich with great tradition. Price Street is the original "El Camino Real", the main road between northern and southern California.

Our Story

Besides the restaurant itself, there are a number of cozy cottages around the property where guests used to stay while visiting our beautiful area. Some of these cottages are over 90 years old. Although we are continually renovating the cottages, the upgrades have been performed in a manner that maintains the coziness and simple life prevalent here on California's Central Coast.
Shell Café History
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In our Garden room, one of the four dining areas at the Shell Cafe, you can see the original outside wall of the restaurant which is covered in Abalone and Pismo Clam shells that are over 90 years old. This is where the name "Shell Cafe" originated. Adorning the interior walls are many historical photos including one of the 1929 California Motorcycle Rally, which the Shell Cafe was one of the original sponsors. Mementos and pictures of celebrities can also be seen throughout our restaurant from each era.
With clean sea air and fresh baked bread, it is the ultimate in beach dining.
Our restaurant was, and remains, the midway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Travelers and Hollywood celebrities, including friends of William Randolph Hearst on their way to Hearst Castle,  found the restaurant a perfect place to relax and have a bite to eat - with a great view of the Pacific Ocean - on their journey up and down the coast.